Volicon unveils RPM 100 remote monitoring

Volicon has introduced a new entry-level version of its Observer Remote Program Monitor (RPM) system for automated, multichannel signal quality analysis.

The new RPM 100 is intended for cable MSOs and station groups needing a way to monitor and analyze signal quality and consumer quality of experience (QoE) at geographically dispersed secondary headends and remote unmanned cable hubs.

MSOs, independent cable operators, IPTV and satellite providers can use the Observer RPM to perform automatic quality evaluation of their NOCs/headends and remote hub broadcasts from a central location.

The RPM 100 is a single-channel system that offers a subset of the core RPM functionality for monitoring signal quality at remote locations. The RPM 100 can be set to monitor a single channel around the clock or to scan multiple channels continuously.

For more information, visit www.volicon.com.