Volicon Observer Media Intelligence Platform Adds Storyboard Feature

BURLINGTON, MASS.—Volicon has announced it has added a new storyboard capability to its Observer Media Intelligence Platform. Built in to the Observer’s Review application, the storyboard feature allows for easier identification, review, clipping and annotation of recorded content. Updates to the Review application’s media player and a new professional multiplayer display are also included.

Volicon Observer Media Intelligence Platform with Enhanced Storyboard Feature in Review Application

The Review application’s storyboard enables users to zoom in on narrow windows of time, selecting different thumbnails and scanning forward and back 4x, 8x, 16x, or 32x to identify a specific segment. A user can mark in and out points, select and crop a video frame, add comments or a description, and export the complete piece for sharing.

The new multiplayer display allows users to browse by channel name, set and view favorite channels, and access video based on time and date. Multiple channels can be displayed three ways, picture-in-picture, full-screen, or split-screen. A “sync to me” feature facilitates single-clicking syncing of all channels to a specific date and time. Navigation on the media player has also been updated.

Volicon is a provider of enterprise media intelligence, monitoring and compliance logging technology.