Volicon announces Observer 7.0 compliance with latest loudness recommendations

The Observer digital monitoring and logging system offers the ability to comply with new SCTE 197 spot-check recommendation and the revised ATSC A/85 recommended practice.
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Volicon has announced its Observer digital video monitoring and logging systems are fully compliant with the industry’s latest loudness recommendations and regulations: the newly released SCTE “spot-check” (SCTE 197) loudness measurement recommendation and the FCC’s newly revised ATSC A/85 recommended practice.

With simultaneous 5.1 and 5.1 downmix measurements, BS.1770-3 compatibility, program log integration, dialog (anchor element) detection, and loudness measurement, as well as integrated measurement A/V burn-in, the Observer allows the operator to perform spot checks easily and ensures full compliance with the new ATSC A/85 RP.

Volicon’s Observer 7.0 now offers an easy way to assure compliance with the with the industry’s latest loudness recommendations and regulations.

The Volicon Observer product line is engineered to record aired A/V content (full frame rate) 24 hours a day, along with metadata and loudness measurements. Combining a compliance logger with loudness measurement enables Observer systems to serve as powerful tools for quickly identifying and resolving issues.