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Vizrt's Viz|3G Debuts at NAB2006

Vizrt will debut its Viz|3G graphics motor for mobile telephones and other mobile devices at NAB2006. Viz|3G enables broadcasters to create video and graphics content that is merged on the end user's device where programming can be generated locally.

Viz|3G is based on Vizrt's Viz|Engine renderer and Adactus' MPEG-21 standards-based multimedia delivery platform. Vizrt recently acquired 19 percent of Norwegian developer, Adactus, which specializes in the transport of content to mobile phone platforms. Using its MPEG-21 platform, Adactus can detect the capabilities of each mobile phone, such as screen resolution, so that the content provider can deliver content adapted for each recipient.

Current cell phone screens are too small and the video is too compressed for the graphics embedded within the video to be legible, according to Vizrt. To address this problem, the Viz|3G platform sends graphics in a separate stream from the video, producing a much higher quality visual experience than compressing the graphics as part of the video stream.

Viz|3G will be available as part of a package installed on phones, or it may be downloaded and installed. It will be available worldwide, but with a select set of customers initially.

Vizrt will be in Booth SL1323.