Vizrt Unveiling New Viz|3G Release at IBC2006

Vizrt will show a new release of the Viz|3G real-time graphics and video content to mobile devices platform at IBC 2006. The release includes video streaming support from a new mobile streaming server and encoding platform, RSS data support for tickers and similar applications, commercial presentation integration and a more advanced GUI with a dynamic matrix layout.

"From the widely installed, integrated Vizrt broadcast production workflow, Viz|Trio operators can distribute the graphics they've created in standard definition, high definition, and now the various 'phone definitions' in order to meet the technical display requirements of multiple markets simultaneously," said Peder Drege, CEO of Adactus, a Norwegian developer now part-owned by Vizrt. "Vizrt customers benefit greatly by having a powerful, integrated pipeline that enables them to repurpose and reuse their existing video/graphics content to serve multiple markets, including the fast-growing mobile television arena."

Vizrt will also demonstrate the prototype of a new Viz|Engine renderer running on a cell phone. It provides real-time hardware-accelerated graphics on the client and an opportunity for customization, localization and personalization of targeted advertising placements.

Vizrt will be in Stand 2.219.