Vizrt to unveil first integration with Content Studio since Escenic acquisition

At IBC2008, Vizrt will introduce Escenic Content Studio, the first fully integrated Vizrt and Escenic product since the acquisition of Escenic in July.

Escenic Content Studio, a powerful, all-in-one solution for online content production, is now fully integrated with Vizrt video asset management tools, Viz Video Hub 1.2 and Viz Ardome.

The integration between Escenic Content Studio and the Vizrt asset management software provides a single interface for all video and graphic assets for existing Escenic Web publishing customers. Escenic Content Studio allows newspaper journalists to increase use of video within the publication’s online presence and enables the use of high-resolution graphics and video in Escenic-based Web pages.

Stored video assets within Viz Video Hub can be shared among departments, regardless of whether they are being created for television or the Internet. The solution can be expanded to IPTV, TV and multichannel production.

See Vizrt at IBC2008 Stands 2.B31 and 2.C39, or visit and