Vizrt Introduces Vizrt Newsroom Toolset

Vizrt Newsroom
(Image credit: Vizrt)

BERGEN, Norway—Vizrt has unveiled one of the five software suites that makes up its new Flexible Access subscription model, Vizrt Newsroom. Integrated with all major newsroom computer systems (NRCS), Vizrt Newsroom is designed as a toolset for journalists for advanced visual storytelling.

Part of Vizrt Newsroom is Vizrt’s template-based, cross-platform newsroom content creation system that enables users to create, manage and deliver stories with high-quality broadcast graphics. This enables journalists to prepare, script, plan and create, add graphics, video and stills, data visualizations and maps to stories from within the NRCS.

Users can scale and adjust Vizrt Newsroom’s tools to what they need to produce and output content. Using the service, newsrooms can create data-driven election graphics, breaking news stories and social media aggregation, adapting to any combination of output needs, Vizrt says.

Vizrt Newsroom is accessed through browser-based interfaces, making it accessible from the broadcast center or remotely. Vizrt also says that it can be operated by a single person.

Vizrt Newsroom is available exclusively through Flexible Access in annual or month-to-month payment plans. For more information, visit