Vizrt Introduces Extended Reality Platform

Vizrt XR
(Image credit: Vizrt)

BERGEN, Norway—Vizrt is now offering the Vizrt XR (Extended Reality) platform, part of its Flexible Access offering. The Vizrt XR software suite is designed for in-studio and outdoor broadcasters, providing visual storytelling capabilities and sports analysis, including virtual, augmented, mixed and extended reality graphics.

Elements of Vizrt XR include the Vizrt XR Set, a feature that can be used for indoor and outdoor productions, offering AR, virtual set and video wall tools in a single workflow. The studio, or any other location, can be reset from one show to the next in minutes, according to Vizrt.

The Vizrt XR Venue feature is a state-of-the-art camera tracking and AI keying technology for hyper-real, precise graphics. 

Vizrt XR Playbook is another component, which provides virtual views, 3D camera flights and analysis tools to provide break downs on sporting events. The graphics can be delivered on an interactive touchscreen or virtually inserted into the action.

“To compete in the modern media marketplace, you need to engage the audience with spectacular visuals,” said Daniel Nergard, president of Vizrt. “By any measurement, Vizrt XR contains the most powerful visual storytelling tools ever designed, setting the storyteller free from the boundaries of the physical world. We’re making it easier to run immersive, extended reality shows so storytellers can unleash their boundless creativity with speed, efficiency and high quality to delight fans and viewers alike.”

Vizrt XR is available exclusively through Flexible Access in annual or month-to-month payment plans.

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