Vinten Radamec Shows Heads at SATIS 2011

Vinten Radamec, part of the UK Vitec Group, is showing its Fusion FHR-35 remote pan and tilt head, alongside the Fusion FH-100 robotic and manual head, at Satis in Paris this week, Nov. 8-10.

Designed for payloads of up to 16kg, Fusion FHR-35 incorporates Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE) technology, designed to ensure seamless integration into existing installations, with claimed pan and tilt accuracy better than 0.01¢ª. The Fusion FHR-35 also provides the controller with precise positional reporting, together with zoom and focus data from an internal digital lens.

The Fusion FH-100 supports payloads up to 55kg, utilizing the LF drag system used in the Vinten range, providing familiar drag performance for manual operators.

At the show, the Fusion FH-100 is mounted on a Fusion FBH-175 Bolt on Height Drive connected to an Osprey Elite pedestal. Both the Fusion FHR-35 and Fusion FH-100 setups are operated by the Vinten Radamec HDVRC Control System.