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Vinten introduces Vision blue3

Vinten has announced the release of its third pan-and-tilt head in its Vision blue range. The Vision blue3 has been developed for today's intermediate-weight one-third inch chip camcorders and highly accessorized lightweight DSLRs.

The Vision blue3 balances payloads of between 6.6lbs and 14.6lbs and sits between the original Vision blue (with a payload range of 4.6lbs to 11lbs) and the recently launched Vison blue5 (with a payload range of 12.2lbs to 26.5lbs).

The Vision blue range has been designed to offer professional videographers with a solution that delivers a high level of quality and performance. Camera operators can experience all the features associated with Vinten's heads, such as infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance and LF drag technology to provide smooth control and consistent movement quality, allowing users to shoot more creatively.