Village Island and NHK Craft 8K Video Transport System

System utilizing Tico compression technology
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TOKYO—NHK and Village Island are pushing to make strides in 8K, recently collaboration on the development of the Vico-8, a unit designed to transport 8K 4:2:2 10bits on a single 12G-SDI cable with intoPix Tico compression technology.

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The Vico-8 system takes 8K video as 4x 12G-SDI input, compressing it by a factor of four to one to generate a single Tico 8K stream output mapped on a single 12G-SDI interface with minimal delay. The system can be configured as either an encoder or decoder. As an 8K decoder, it can also be configured to output a down-converted 4K output through Tico’s internal down-scaler. The intoPix Tico technology in the system supports resolution up to 7680x4320 pixels.

With this technology, users will reportedly able to achieve 8K with 4K-ready appliances for switching, distributing and transmitting the signal.

The Vico-8 system is available as a 1RU appliance, or as OEM and ODM boards.