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Video Technics features NewsFlow HDX

At NAB2008, Video Technics showcased the second generation of its tapeless newsroom production system, NewsFlow HDX.

NewsFlow is based on an open-architecture design that combines best-of-class video servers, centralized media and metadata storage, asset management and editing platforms to facilitate a seamless, collaborative workflow.

A NewsFlow HDX system includes a two-channel Apella HDX video server and a Studio Pro RTX.2 HD nonlinear editor. The system can be scaled to meet budgets and workflow demands.

The Apella HDX video server offers NTSC, PAL and HD video standards with one or two multirate HD/SD-SDI video inputs and one or two multirate HD/SD-SDI video outputs.

Each HD-SDI output also provides real-time, high-quality downscaling from HD to SD with center-cut output simultaneously as a separate SDI and analog component or Y/C or CVBS signal.

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