Video Renter Expands Canon HD Lens Holdings

Equipment rental company Plus8Video recently increased its stock of HD gear with the purchase of 20 Canon HD-EC 2002 lenses. Electronic cinematography customers will be able to choose from Plus8Video's Canon HJ21x7.5B KLL-SC and HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC zooms, and two sets of Canon FJ5, FJ9, FJ14, FJ24 and FJ35 prime HD-EC lenses.

The HD-EC 2002 zoom lens provides a rotation angle of 270 degrees. The increased angle on zoom and prime lenses provides a film feel, making precise focusing easier with increased space for distance markings on the lens. Zoom, focus and iris indications are engraved with large, luminous scales, while gear rings are compatible with studio focus rigs, manual fluid zoom drives and motorized control systems used for film lenses.