Video Clarity Unveils RTM 4K Monitor

CAMPBELL, CALIF.—Video Clarity has introduced a 4K-capable version of its RTM real-time audio and video monitoring systems. The RTM 4K is a monitoring system that can apply 4K video sources and compare them with encoded/decoded 4K video to test for video quality, audio quality, lip sync and loudness; it also performs those test using full-reference methods and correlates results to accepted scales of human perception.

According to Video Clarity, content originators and delivery networks can use RTM 4K to measure the quality of delivered 4K video over time. Like other RTM systems, RTM 4K alerts and records a degraded A/V signal if it falls below user-set limits, allowing users to make adjustments as the content is playing out, or to study and the correct the problem later.

The 3RU unit is built for testing 4K HEVC encoders for audio and video performance over time, and testing the performance of origination channels and automatically recording and logging faults in video, audio, lip sync and loudness. Content providers can also deploy RTM 4K for long-haul performance testing of large-audience live programming, or where 4K content quality monitoring and measurement are required.

Video Clarity will display the RTM 4K monitor at the 2016 NAB show at booth SU 12413. The company will release it in May.