Vidcheck Adds IMF Features to Vidchecker

BRISTOL, ENGLAND—Interoperable Master Format metadata is now part of the checklist for both the Vidchecker and Vidchecker-post automated quality control software, announced Vidcheck.

Developed around the SMPTE ST 2067-2 standard, a single IMF package can contain video, audio, graphics, closed caption and metadata elements, says Howard Twine, Vidcheck COO; those files can be stored in the IMF files as separate assets and combined when required. IMF has progressed to Application 2e (SMPTE 2067-21), which supports images with 4K resolution plus high dynamic range.

Twine says that with Vidchecker’s new features, the system can check all IMF data and detect potential operational issues. Problems detected in either the program essence or metadata container are displayed on the user interface.

Vidchecker is designed for checking and repairing file-based video, audio and related metadata before and after distribution. Vidchecker-post is a specialized version of Vidchecker aimed for post-production companies, content distributors and smaller broadcasters.