VeriCorder integrates sound editing apps for SoundCloud accessibility

Canada-based VeriCorder, a specialist in developing audio recording and editing applications for the iPhone, has partnered with SoundCloud, an online audio platform that enables users to easily upload and share audio content anywhere on the Web.

VeriCorder, formed by former CBC field reporter Gary Symons, aims to eliminate the bulky ENG field packs most reporters carry, replacing all that gear with iPhone applications to capture and edit audio in the field.

Henrik Lenberg, business developer at SoundCloud, said the partnership means VeriCorder users now have an easy and free way to share their recordings with anyone. “We rely on third-party companies when it comes to providing tools for recording and editing. Having VeriCorder connected to our platform is a great value add, and we're happy to help simplify the everyday work for a lot of VeriCorder users,” he said.

Symons said VC Audio Pro is being used by radio reporters and voiceover artists all over the world. “SoundCloud now gives those people another great way to share their content,” he said. “It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s very affordable.” VeriCorder has also added the ability to upload music files into the app from a Mac or PC, using a simple wireless transfer system. This means musicians can upload separate tracks from their computer, edit them on their mobile device while they’re on the road and then post them directly to their SoundCloud account.

The integration partnership affects three VeriCorder products available in the iTunes App Store: VC Audio Pro is a multitrack sound editor; ShowCase has the same ability to edit audio but also allows users to create audio slideshows by combining photos with the audio; and 1st Video is a full video editor with all the same audio editing capabilities as VC Audio Pro, often used by podcasters and Web reporters for iPhone-based field reporting.