Vela rolls out Caching FTP feature for MediaAdvantage servers

Vela announced a new Caching FTP feature for its MediaAdvantage family of video servers at NAB2007.

The Caching FTP feature allows MediaAdvantage operators to encode, multiplex and transmit video over the Internet in a single pass. Well suited for distribution or other video transport applications, the Caching FTP feature extends the functionality of the MediaAdvantage system by adding support for simultaneous, real-time and multistream (Windows Media V.9, Ligos MPEG-1 and Real G2) encoding or transcoding.

The feature gives broadcasters an alternative to satellite or leased lines for video transport. With the new feature, video can be transported reliably point-to-point with simple Internet access. Having video compression capability included eliminates the need for separate encoder and gateway appliances.

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