Vaddio adds HD capability to ProductionVIEW multicamera control system

Vaddio has introduced the newest addition to its ProductionVIEW line of camera control systems, ProductionVIEW HD. The system is designed to handle the most demanding live broadcast or staging events and still be simple enough to allow a novice to control a multicamera shoot like a pro. ProductionVIEW HD integrates PTZ camera control and multiformat HD/SD live switching with real-time graphics and effects into one easy-to-use control console.

The system’s multiformat 6:2 switcher accepts any combination of input signals from HD component video, RGBHV and SD video (HD at component 1080P, 1080i and 720p; SD video Y/C or composite; and RGBHV up to UXGA resolutions). All inputs feature both up/downconversion capabilities, while other mixers only include two discrete outputs for independent program feeds — each having its own user selectable output resolutions.

Camera control elements include a broadcast-style Hall Effect joystick with twist handle zoom control as well as separate pan, tilt and speed control knobs. There are six discrete auto-sensing RS-232 camera control ports and 12 camera presets per camera for storing frequent shots. ProductionVIEW HD is compatible with Vaddio, Sony and Canon PTZ camera systems.

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