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Universal Studios deploys SNS storage on sound stages

Universal Studios Sound has deployed Studio Network Solutions (SNS) storage solutions in its television and feature sound mixing stages including the Hitchcock Theater.

Universal Studios Sound has 18 mix stages and is located on one of the largest studio lots in the world. As a full-service post-production sound facility, it handles features, television and trailers along with animation and gaming. The facility offers sound editorial and design, mixing, Foley, ADR and transfer plus digital mastering, preservation, restoration and archival services.

Having multiple stages and edit suites, Universal required an enterprise-wide solution for its audio storage needs. Each mix stage has multiple Digidesign Pro Tools workstations for playback and recording, as well as additional systems for video playback.

Studio Network Solutions, who partnered with LA-based reseller Audio Intervisual Design, designed and built a Fibre Channel storage solution connecting the stages on the lot. The solution comprised of more than 80 seats of SANmp, with Fibre Channel switches, and 12 IBM DS4200 Enterprise class storage arrays. The entire FC fabric is connected using 10GigE to allow mapping of any FC resource to any user as needed.

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