UNIV Powers Interactive FIFA World Cup Second-Screen Broadcasts for Televisa

MIAMI—Unified Video Technologies said Grupo Televisa will use the company’s iVE interactive second screen platform for its FIFA World Cup coverage. iVE enables a 360-degree surround, interactive video experience.

Grupo Televisa will live-stream the games via iVE live from Brazil. The interactive surround capability will enable audiences to folllow the action on the field through the iVE second screen app on iOS mobile devices. By moving their devices through space using iVE, viewers will be able to navigate a virtual experience of being on site. UNIV said iOS and Web users can head to the App Store and search for “surround video” to download the app and enjoy the iVE experience.

iVE uses multi-lens cameras to capture live events, including sports and entertainment, from a variety of viewpoints. The service then stitches the video and renders it to create a interactive, up-close and personal 360-degree first-person experience. Viewers may participate in the event as it happens or on demand. The iVE experience is powered through a partnership between UNIV and yellowBird, a company that specializes in surround video production services. Televisa is deploying iVE for Mexico’s matches June 13, 17 and 23.