TVLogic Monitors Pass the My Eye Media Test

BURBANK, CALIF.—Focusing on what post production quality control can and should be, My Eye Media provides accurate and thorough evaluations of content. We are constantly refining our workflows to ensure we are using the most comprehensive set of industry-leading equipment.

TVLogic monitors have long been a key piece in our workflows. Their professional grade line-up of monitors with a robust toolkit of features is a large part of completing our QCs at the highest level.

My Eye Media has recently gone 4K with the installation of TVLogic’s LUM-550M monitors.

We have incorporated multiple TVLogic models into our infrastructure to meet specific needs within our QC bays and machine room. We may use one, or a combination of these to evaluate content of different formats and complete multiple passes of the same content in different viewing conditions. The most important thing our TVLogic monitors provides us with is options, which need to be as varied as the content we are evaluating.

My Eye Media has outfitted our machine room and several of our HD bays with LVM series multiformat monitors. As most of our mastering content is primarily RGB 4:4:4, a valuable feature of this series is the 3G SDI/Dual-link support, which can minimize any signal quality loss when converting to HDMI.

This series also offers a high degree of control for adjusting picture. In QC, we’re responsible for detecting what may seem like miniscule issues, like single-pixel artifacts, enhanced noise in black levels or color mistimes. These issues might otherwise be undetectable without the ability to fine tune monitor brightness, chroma and contrast. We also rely on the internal graticule generator for checking title and action safe as well as identifying framing errors. The built-in waveform and vectorscope provide a companion check to our external scopes for verifying and comparing video levels.

Finally, being able to decode 608 and 708 captions directly on the monitor lets us complete the stringent closed-caption quality control required by our broadcast clients.

In addition to HD Rec 709 content, there is a push toward wider color gamut, brighter luminance and increased contrast ratios to produce clearer, crisper and more realistic images. My Eye Media tests the latest technologies, such as UHD and 4K, and recently, Dolby Vision and HDR-10.

We recently outfitted one of our 4K bays with the TVLogic LVM-550M that includes the same set of features for the LVM series, but adds UHD native resolution, 12G-SDI, full 10-bit driver support and DCI-P3 gamut. This allows for UHD HDR content evaluation at a professional level and fits nicely with our existing HDR toolset.

My Eye Media is committed to advances in post-production, specifically in quality control, and will continue to incorporate the best tools and equipment into our workflows. We value our partnership with TVLogic and look forward to its continued success.

Mel Waddell joined My Eye Media in 2007. She can be contacted

For more information, please visitwww.tvlogicusa.comor call 818-885-6442.