TV One Releases Corio Input Card

ERLANGER, KY. -- TV One says it has a new four-input HD-SDI card and a firmware upgrade for its C3-340 CorioMatrix.

TV One’s C3-340, CorioMatrix is a matrix router that uses modular hardware with 16 AV module slots for I/O modules along with scaling output cards and soft signal switching. Also, in addition to having a Corio2 scaling engine for individual up/down scaling, aspect ratio and frame rate conversion of each output, the CorioMatrix offers DVI-U I/O modules, which give users a variety of I/O connections. DVI-U modules within the matrix allow for the ability to use any signal from composite video, Y/C and YUV, RGBHV and DVI-D plus HDMI signals, with an adapter.

The C3-340, CorioMatrix four-input HD-SDI card allows feeding four separate SD or HD-SDI signals into the CorioMatrix, which can double the number of available inputs as the DVI-U and 3G SDI input cards have two inputs per module. In addition to the input card, a new firmware upgrade for the CorioMatrix is also available.

Firmware upgrade 1.44 has an enhanced feature set that enables routing of embedded HDMI and SDI signals separate from the video signals. For example, you can use the HDMI audio from input No. 1 and combine it with the RGB video signal from input No. 2 and output it as HD-SDI video signal in output No. 1. This enhanced audio functionality with AFV and Breakaway Mode enhances the performance of the CorioMatrix. Also, in addition to embedded audio signals, external analog or digital audio signals can be used through the optional audio board for the CorioMatrix and either embed/de-embed audio signals or even create a separate 8x8 audio matrix inside the CorioMatrix system.