TSL Products Promotes New Control Components to Gear

AIB-4 (Image credit: TSL Products)

MARLOW, U.K.—TSL Products has brought a new level of control to a number of its products, announcing a series of new control features. These control systems are designed to allow broadcasters to visualize their control workflows and bring all operations together into a single interface.

One of the products to receive an update to its control options is the AIB-4, which now has an updated advanced broadcast control panel. AIB-4 can provide a choice of communication paths (IP, audio channels, open intercom channel paths and POTS connection) back to the station. The platform can also be used for remote control, interfacing old and new kits or simplifying device monitoring.

TSL has also developed a virtual screen-based “Web-Key” for use with the Universal Control Switches (USP3). The USP3 panels act as “glue” devices that help subsystems communicate while maintaining a seamless workflow, per TSL. Both physical and virtual control buttons can advance a MOS-enabled newscast rundown, initiate a live-event commercial breakthrough station automation, reroute signals and more.

With PTZ cameras, TSL’s TallyMan Virtual Panel software can provide broadcasters with granular control, preset set/recall and tally control for cameras located anywhere. This allows for white balance and iris controls, maximizing quality and eliminating errors. TallyMan also now features new protocols that enable customers to continue to interface and integrate with systems.

For more information, visit www.tslproducts.com.