TSD Video to Represent Hybrid’s Virtual Sudio, Robotic Camera Solutions in Canada

Hybrid Neon

MONTROGUE, FRANCE—Hybrid has entered into a dealer agreement with TSD Video to market its virtual studios and robotic camera products throughout Canada. The two companies signed the deal during the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

TSD Video will represent Hybrid virtual studio solutions, including Krypton, Hybrid’s flagship 3D virtual studio solution with camera tracking and the Hybrid Neon trackless 3D virtual studio solution.

Krypton is a HD/SD virtual set system with a powerful realtime 3D engine. It interfaces with XYZ motion tracking devices, including opto-mechanical and pattern recognition, with no video or audio delays.

The Hybrid Neon trackless virtual studio is a system consisting of software running on a PC. Neon enables virtual camera movements in realtime from fixed cameras on set. Neon produces 3D virtual scenes that are photorealistic and anti-aliased. Both virtual studios give users the flexibility to import 3D models from third party 3D animation programs.

TSD Video will also represent Hybrid’s broadcast-grade robotic camera technology, including Chrome, Silver, and Titanium robotic jibs and PTZF camera heads. These systems enable precise, repeatable camera moves and tracking—for virtual studio and special effects applications—without introducing video/audio delays or noise during use.