Triveni StreamScope verifies metadata compliance

Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics, announced that its StreamScope family of real-time DTV transport stream monitors and analyzers now guarantees the metadata compliance of DTV signals.

The company said its new closed-loop feature provided a link to the company's GuideBuilder metadata (PSI/PSIP) management system. With this feature, users get automatic assurance that the transport stream complies with the broadcaster's business model.

The StreamScope system monitors and analyzes the MPEG stream for standards compliance. The new feature goes beyond standards compliance by verifying that the output transport stream meets expected parameters of the broadcaster's DTV transmission.

For example, while outgoing streams may comply with common standards, it still may be possible that a multiplexer has dropped a virtual channel or two, or that the number of days in the PSIP data is not sufficient to complete the electronic program guide (EPG). The newly established connectivity between StreamScope products and the GuideBuilder solves this problem, bringing business intent into the realm of monitoring and analysis.

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