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Tiffen Unveils Lowel EGO LED Light

(Image credit: Tiffen)

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Tiffen has introduced the Lowel EGO LED, a diverse lighting tool with professional output that is also a stylish desk light. 

Its soft output makes the light a workhorse for moving or still content, including portraits, tabletop and beauty work, while it is also instantly ready to provide pleasing lighting for today’s frequent streaming and teleconferencing.

With a color temperature range of 2700-6300°K and 95 TLCI, EGO LED offers flattering bi-color output that can be dialed up or down to match the environment. Measured at one-meter full strength, the fixture outputs 774 lux (72 foot candles) daylight and 665 lux (62 foot candles) tungsten color temperature.

The fixture’s elegant, self-contained industrial design includes four feet for stand-alone use as well as a ¼-inch-by-20-inch-by-3/8-inch stand adapter. On the back, dual rotary knobs let users intuitively control color and flicker-free dimming.

The light weighs 3 pounds and measures 17 3/8 inches by 17 inches by 3 ½ inches. It ships fully assembled, complete with a switching 100-250V~, 50/60Hz power supply as well as U.S., U.K. and E.U. power cables.

The Lowel EGO LED has a manufacturer’s suggested price of $199. 

More information is available on the company’s website.