Three-Five Releases HD Development Kit for 720 Microdisplays

Display product creator Three-Five Systems Inc. has made available a new development kit targeted for the 720p HDTV standard.

The kit is based on Three-Five's 1,280 x 768-resolution liquid crystal on silicon Brillian 768 Microdisplays. A microdisplay is a display about the size of a thumbnail, that, when combined with an optics system, can make the apparent size of an image viewed larger than the size of the actual display. The kit is designed to offer OEMs a cost-effective method to build and test preproduction versions of microdisplay-based products prior to production commitment. When integrated into a projection system, the 0.7-inch diagonal microdisplay projects bright images from computer- and television-generated signals.

Three-Five has a line of standard products targeted at each of the large product categories. The Brillian Z86D-3 is designed for near-to-eye applications, the 1024 for front-projection products and the Brillian 1280 and 1920 for next-generation front- and rear-projection applications that require ultra-high resolution. The 768 is a compliment to this line. It meets the current HDTV broadcast requirements and offers the high resolution and brightness required for projection applications.

In addition to meeting the needs of applications that require 720p, the 768 is also capable of XGA (1024 x 768) or lower resolutions. New convergence products, such as PC-TVs, in which the display functions as both the computer monitor and high-definition television, can benefit from the 768's multiresolution capability. Because it is capable of multiple resolutions, it can be designed into both front- and rear-projection applications.