Three Media Associates launches workflow data translation engine

Three Media Associates, a UK based broadcast and operational specialist, has launched XEN, a data translation engine for broadcast workflows, with plug-ins to provide bespoke functionality such as data verification, transformation and translation. A user interface manages users, configuration and logging. XEN, which is a Microsoft .NET package, allows customers to develop their own plug-ins or draw on the expertise of Three Media Associates to customise their comprehensive plug-in library. The current version runs in the background on a network-connected server, but a future development will see it also offered as a Software as a Service cloud solution.

XEN is already used by a number of broadcasters, often for bridging a number of databases and determining which database is the master set for each piece of information. It is also used to maintain appropriate synchronization where necessary. It can be used to drive service level agreements by tracking key performance indicators like processing time targets, or for output functions like creating EPGs or driving non-linear schedules.