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Thomson to Unveil Advanced Research Demonstrations at IBC

Thomson will showcase new cutting edge technologies at IBC, highlighting the company’s research in compression, networking and signal acquisition and processing markets.

Five research demonstrations will include:

  • Compression: Thomson’s Automatic Reframing demonstration will be applied to 4:3 format conversions where the focus is on the 16:9 to 4:3 conversion rather than on small screen devices. Solutions are based on the detection of the region of interest and will show comparisons with today’s manual reframing procedures for DVD production.
  • SVC Integrated Technologies: Thomson will show free-to-air DVB-H broadcasts using a mobile TV encoder delivering real-time SVC (scalable video coding) encoding, adaptation to frame rates and resolutions of a variety of devices, and is applicable to both DVB-H and ATSC-M/H platforms. With high coding gains comparable to simulcast, it supports heterogeneous terminals and improves zapping time.
  • DVB-IP Content Download System (CDS): For broadcasters and home networking industries, Thomson’s DVB-IP CDS service targets the downloading of content to local storage on home network devices via IP. This video-on-demand service is based on content downloaded over a DVB-IPTV-managed network that delivers content to multiple home network devices simultaneously.
  • Transmit Power for WLAN Video Streaming: Thomson’s Transmit Power for WLAN Video streaming proposes a WLAN-based HD video distribution system for dense deployment. It will also demonstrate a transmit power control scheme that alleviates interference and improves network performance and efficiency. The wireless LAN-based video distribution system also cognitively adjusts radio transmit parameters.
  • Signal Acquisition and Processing: Thomson’s Lens Aberration Correction allows film and broadcast industries to improve the image quality in a camera and lens system by adjusting—via signal processing—lens aberrations such as distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting.

Thomson will present all its demos in its booth at Stand 1.D11.