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The Post Group combines resources and routes with Snell

The Post Group, a veteran post-production company, has opened a new production facility in Hollywood and installed routing and control equipment from Snell, for use by The Post Group as well as its sister companies, Lightning Media and iO Film. The move to bring all three operations into a single facility provided an opportunity to consolidate the technical infrastructure by installing a unified routing platform that could route any signal, anywhere in the building.

The facility has implemented Snell’s Sirius control and monitoring system and Cygnus routers as the heart of its signal routing and control infrastructure.

The Post Group provides television and feature mastering and restoration services, iO Film is a supplier of digital intermediary services to the film industry, and Lightning Media offers dubbing and file encoding services. Previously, each company operated from its own building with its own independent routing equipment.

With the Snell equipment, the staff can now share resources and more effectively use its other equipment to serve all three companies under one roof — with efficiencies that were not possible with the isolated operations the company had before.

The Post Group's new Snell routing and control infrastructure includes an Aurora control system configured for 14 levels of router control, a Cygnus 576 x 576 video router, a Sirius 512 x 512 router for handling AES signals, five smaller Freeway routers for providing machine control and routing sync signals and time codes, and a control and monitoring server with 20 client stations to provide router control throughout the facility.