Telestream Unveils Latest Edition of Wirecast Production Platform

(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—As part of its efforts to help with new work practices that have stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, Telestream is debuting the latest version of its Wirecast production and streaming platform.

Wirecast 14 features new options for more accurate Chroma keying, including spill suppression, edge coloring and clipping ranges, as well as a Luma key and Color key. Also, options have been added for sizing and scaling sources, while incoming sources are now scaled automatically and will maintain their size based on user settings.

Additional new components of Wirecast 14 include moving the status bar to the bottom of the screen, which gives more space to show System CPU and App CPU, as well as other streaming stats.

These new features are meant to assist with remote production capabilities, which Telestream believes could become more common during and after the pandemic.

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