Telestream Releases New Flip4Mac

Telestream has recently released Flip4Mac, version 2.1 software, for Intel Mac users. The update is free and available for downloading on Microsoft and Flip4Mac Websites.

The new software provides universal support for Apple's Intel-based Macintosh systems and also speedier Windows Media encoding for PowerPC Mac users.

"We are pleased to offer Intel support for the large base of Mac users who have been eager to receive this release since our announcement in April," said Barbara DeHart, vice president of Flip4Mac products. "Considerable buzz has been generated throughout the Mac community as is evidenced by the immense number of users who offered to participate in our beta testing process."

Flip4Mac WMV contains a number of QuickTime components and allows Mac OS X users to import, play and export Windows Media files using QuickTime-based applications. Version 2.1 also promises greater speed. According to Telestream, PowerPC users should experience encoding speeds increase four to six times with the new release.

Version 2.1 includes multi-language support in the WMV player and improved support for MMS servers and live streams.