Telestream Introduces Inspect 2110 IP Video Monitoring Platform

(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—Telestream has announced the launch of its Inspect 2110 IP video monitoring platform designed for broadcast, production and distribution networks.

Inspect 2110 is part of Telestream’s IQ Solutions monitoring family of products. It monitors ST 2110 video streams and ensures video flowing across the network is correct and synchronized, enabling broadcasters to shift from SDI to IP video, according to Telestream.

Inspect 2110 can track any individual program throughout the network to ensure that media format, audio and metadata is correct. It also ensures that both sides of a redundant system are the same and that there has been no degradation to either side. Inspect 2110 confirms PTP system synchronization as well to confirm that network traffic is correct and operating as expected.

A direct link to PRISM, Telestream’s IP media analysis platform, is available through the monitoring system. This can help with troubleshooting issues while the Telestream IQ management system provides program correlated visibility across the network, Telestream states.

Inspect 2110 is expected to be released this summer. For more information, visit