Telestream Does Heavenly Work

TULSA, OKLA.—As owner of 112 Media (named for Psalm 112), I provide video post-production services to religious broadcasters and organizations, such as houses of worship.

Launched in March 2016, 112 Media is a start-up born in the cloud. Since April 2017, when I began subscribing to Telestream Cloud, my communications services company has moved most of our encoding work to the cloud, making our operations more streamlined and cost-efficient.

Earlier this year, my company partnered with Jonathan Coussens and created the Caption Hero captioning services company. I manage daily operations, including video editing, encoding and distribution. We recently signed Victory Church in Tulsa, Okla., and are now poised for further growth.

112 Media is doing most of its encoding work in the cloud thanks to the Telestream Cloud service.

With Caption Hero, 112 Media is now better positioned to provide a broader range of services, including adding closed captioning that Victory requires for its daily half-hour TV programs.

While Victory used to deliver this show to a few national networks like TBN, it now needs to send it to local TV stations nationwide, each of which has its own unique video delivery formats.

Without Telestream Cloud, this digital workload would be labor-intensive and time-consuming. We needed to put an economical, scalable and accessible solution in place that could automate as much of the workload as possible, with dependable reliability.

We wanted to focus on what we do best and leverage the experts in media processing to do the transcoding and media preparation. We did not want to take on the technical complexity and maintenance required to support an in-house solution.

Telestream Cloud seemed like a better solution, but I wasn’t completely sure it could do everything I wanted, including incorporating legally compliant closed captioning files into the media processing workflow.

I worked closely with the Telestream Cloud team to set up custom profiles that would fit our needs. This level of attention was incredible considering we’re a startup, not the big media companies they are known for working with.

Today, the workflow is quick and delivers the results I hoped for. After the media is uploaded to the cloud, we log into our account and create a “factory” to run the job by selecting whatever settings we need to encode a particular media file. These options—including the resolution, aspect ratio and codec—are all easily configurable through the user interface.

For example, the output could be a MPEG-2 transport stream of 1080i/59.94 (16:9) video encoded as H.264. Once that factory is set-up, those settings are saved in our account and readily available to streamline and automate new encoding jobs that have those same technical requirements.

With Telestream Cloud, my assistant Janna and I can manage the entire encoding process remotely from any connected computer, so we don’t have to work from a particular location or server-based workstation. Since Janna has quickly learned the cloud workflow, she has taken on that responsibility, leaving me free to focus on the higher-level creative work.

Nichole Newton is the Owner of 112 Media, LLC. She can be contacted at112mediagroup@gmail.comor by calling 918-271-3159.

For more information, please visitwww.telestream.netor call 530-470-1300.