Tektronix Launches GeoProbe for IPTV

Tektronix this week introduced the GeoProbe Video Monitoring Solution, which quantifies the quality of video transport services within IPTV and video over IP networks.

The GeoProbe platform provides network-wide monitoring for triple play services (voice, video, data) in a single probe. It monitors broadcast and video on demand transport streams simultaneously across networks, enabling operators to proactively assess the real-time health and performance of their IPTV networks to isolate and resolve network problems before they occur.

The GeoProbe Video Monitoring solution for IPTV is part of Tektronix’ Unified Assurance (UA) suite of applications for managing next generation networks and has been selected for use in current trials by network operators and infrastructure vendors. GeoProbe has been time-tested by hundreds of global network deployments. Tektronix’ Advance Performance Monitoring (APM) product leverages data collected by GeoProbe to provide true network-wide video monitoring with historical tracking, reporting and trend analysis. APM is part of the overall video monitoring solution.

The GeoProbe IPTV solution monitors all IP video traffic 24/7, detecting IP video issues and enabling operators to respond to problems before they become critical or impact subscribers. Once problems are detected, GeoProbe isolates the problem location and cause. When resolved, the problem locations can be monitored in real time to track the repair effectiveness and provide immediate feedback on the current state of the video transport quality.

“With Tektronix’ GeoProbe Video Monitoring Solution, operators can quickly identify and resolve network issues that have a direct impact on network QoS and customer QoE,” said Doug Dickerson, vice president and general manager, Network Management at Tektronix. “IPTV networks are complex—video content is digitized, encoded, packetized and transported across a network—errors are most likely to occur at the networks’ transition points. Tektronix’ GeoProbe Video Monitoring solution has capability of examining from 200 to more than 5,000 programs with a single probe.”