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Tektronix introduces portable WFM2200

Tektronix has introduced its portable WFM2200 waveform monitor, the latest addition to the company’s line of waveform monitors and rasterizers. The unit is ideal for broadcasters and video content producers requiring a portable waveform monitor to install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot their video equipment.

The WFM2200 is customizable via software, enabling customers to add any additional capabilities to the base model to better suit their needs, rather than pay for a fully configured unit with unneeded capabilities.

A large 6.5in, high-resolution LCD ensures that users will not miss a potential issue because of low-quality waveform representation. Additional features include a replaceable battery, enabling users to work longer with one battery charging while another is in use; an input for testing the facility synchronization signal, or “House Black,” including a unique timing display that simplifies setup and verification; and the ability to view the analog reference signal to troubleshoot timing problems and verify compliance.