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Tektronix Cerify Developer Community Welcomes Dolby

Tektronix said at NAB that Dolby Laboratories has joined the Tektronix Cerify Developers Community, which aims to promote automated quality control of file-based video by making Cerify integration, installation and support easier and faster for customers and third parties.

Tektronix described Cerify as the first fully automated system able to verify the quality of file-based, compressed digital video and audio prior to transmission or use. The Cerify Developers Community consists of companies committed to maximizing the benefits of moving operations to a file-based workflow. Cerify Community members include vendors of automation systems, asset management systems, video servers as well as system integrators.

With the addition of Dolby Laboratories, 10 companies are now members of the Certify Community. The other companies are Blue Order, CEI, IMAKE Software, Omneon, Pro-Bel, S4M, ScheduALL, Telestream and Thomson.

Dolby and Tektronix said they are working together to integrate Cerify with the Dolby DP600 and DP600-C Program Optimizer audio and loudness solutions for cable, satellite, IPTV, and terrestrial broadcasters working in a file-based environment.

Automation provider Pro-Bel announced an integrated video quality and broadcast management system comprised of Tektronix Cerify and Pro-Bel’s Morpheus Quality Control Manager. The integration uses the CeriTalk application program interface as part of the Cerify automated QC systems.