Tektronix Adds to MPEG Analysis

Tektronix Inc. has enhanced one of the products in its Emmy award-winning MPEG Test System portfolio to provide more in-depth analysis capabilities and also include functionality that will enable the development of interactive television (iTV).
Tektronix is tackling the ever-evolving challenge of analyzing MPEG streams by offering a new carousel analyzer for testing iTV systems, a powerful new offline multiplexer, and a new elementary stream analyzer for its high-performance MPEG protocol diagnostic and analysis tool, the MTS300 MPEG Test System. The carousel analyzer enables engineers to quickly inspect and analyze a protocol stack's layers, speeding up the diagnosis of errors.
An elementary stream analyzer provides the ability to decode the moving picture and audio from within a packetized elementary stream (PES) and test the lower levels of an elementary stream within a transport multiplexer. This functionality provides added confidence when analyzing streams because encoder performance can be verified down to specific layers.
An offline multiplexer makes it possible to produce multiple program transport streams with all of the associated system information in order to test the performance of the equipment in both the broadcast chain and consumer devices. These streams can then be injected into the system using a wide range of interfaces. The system's built-in syntax knowledge of tables and descriptors ensure compliance and high quality output of the final multiplex transport stream.