Tedial unveils enterprise connectivity and data efficiency

At IBC (stand 8.C28) Tedial will demonstrate its suite of workflow and asset management products, which now include full compliance with the latest cross-industry standard. The technology unifies access to information systems, independent of the internal architecture, all through a common user interface.

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an emerging specification of Web services developed to enable the free flow of information around an enterprise content management system. Tedial is pursuing the CMIS project because it will simplify the design of integrated systems and reduce integration costs. This development will increase the ability of Tedial to create seamless broadcast process management systems that drive media workflows.

At IBC 2009, Tedial will also be demonstrating its ability to transform any SD or HD content into H.264 with AAC audio coding (including 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound), resulting in a format widely known as H.264+DolbyAAC. The benefit of this format is that it is very compact and therefore quick to transfer around a network, but retains sufficient quality to be edited by powerful tools such as Final Cut Pro and subsequently broadcast.

Tedial has developed its own software coding for H.264+DolbyAAC using the QuickTime wrapper, and this has led to the development of associated tools to analyze, index, transcode, edit, restore and verify these media files, as part of a library of functions to be implemented within a Tedial MPM system integration.

In addition, Tedial has developed a new module for its AST archive system that optimizes file sizes and access operations to minimize the impact on data tape archives. The module is designed using standard components of the Unix/Linux operating system, so will be compatible with any archive system’s own applications.