Teamcast to Unveil Satellite Products with CID Management at 2015 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS - Teamcast will unveil two satellite transmission products that offer CID (Carrier ID) management at the 2015 NAB Show. CID insertion will become mandatory in the U.S. for DSNG in 2016 and all satellite applications in 2018.

Vyper DVB-S2X

Teamcast has incorporated CID management on its new Vyper DVB-S2X satellite modulator and Jupiter DVB-S/S2 satellite demodulator board to help broadcasters prepare for these impending operational mandates.

The third generation of Teamcast’s Vyper satellite modulator, the DVB-S2X offers CID insertion, and combines dual IF and RF (L-Band) signal outputs into one product for greater operational flexibility. Teamcast’s Jupiter DVB-S/S2 satellite demodulator board offers CID extraction for fast CID checking in DSNG applications.

Teamcast will also unveil terrestrial transmission products including the new Vortex standalone ATSC 1.0 terrestrial TV exciter. It’s also ATSC 3.0 ready, with simple software switching, to ensure a smooth migration to the future standard. There’s also a new EDI input feature on Teamcasts’s Green4DAB high-end DAB/DMB OEM modulator that allows EDI input enabling an all-IP signal distribution from the network head-end to transmitters.

The 2015 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 11-16. Teamcast will be in booth C1730. For more information, visit

Claudia Kienzle