TeamCast Introduces Automatic Satellite Link Optimization

RENNES, FRANCE—Striving to make satellite connection easier for users, TeamCast has presented a new solution for satellite links. Using a feedback channel through a regular, low bitrate internet connection, the solution is able to optimize the link budget and increase the available payload capacity.

Feedback information elaborated by the downlink Neptune receiver is used by the uplink Vyper modulator to pre-correct the linear and non-linear impairments of the on-board transponder chain. The optimization is automatic and transparent for the user and can be used while the link carries user data, without needing to put the transmission on hold.

The link budget automatically increases while the link is used, allowing for the link margin to either secure the link against unexpected adverse conditions or increase the useful bandwidth by adjusting the modulation parameters.

TeamCast reports that the new solutions meets DVB-S2/S2X requirements.