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TANDBERG to introduce media processing platform for mobile TV at NAB2007

TANDBERG Television will launch an end-to-end solution for mobile TV at this year's NAB show. The system, built around the mPlex media processing platform, employs constant and variable bit rate (CBR and VBR) MPEG-4 AVC encoding, native IP processing and flexible architectures for VBR control and mobile-specific scrambling. With it, TANDBERG expects its clients to be able to extend their subscriber offerings, grow revenues and reduce churn when deploying mobile television services.

In addition to the mPlex, the solution features TANDBERG professional receivers for reception, UDCast's IPE-10 for DVB-H IPE, time slicing and MPE-FEC, SFN (single frequency networks) and transmission network adaptation including ATM/IP telco networks or DVB-S/S2 satellite modulation. At the remote transmitter site, the solution provides reception and network adaptation, as well as content regionalization and customization including SFN re-adaptation and time slicing.

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