TAG Video Upgrades Multiviewer, Monitoring Platform to Address OTT

TAG Video Systems Multiviewer and Monitoring
(Image credit: TAG Video Systems)

TEL AVIV—TAG Video Systems has updated the error source recording functionality and capacity of its Multiviewer and Monitoring platform to address the rise in OTT. Users can now manually set a recording of an OTT channel, record all metadata elements of additional OTT formats and set 32 channels to be recorded simultaneously.

The recording feature is designed to help users analyze and report detected error events. In previous models, recording was triggered only by an alarm when an error was detected. Now, users can manually set a recording for an OTT channel so that it can be used for investigation, testing and analysis.

TAG has also updated the platforms ability to monitor new metadata that is present in different OTT formats. Users will now have the ability to include elements and headers of HLS, MPEG-DASH, MSS and CMAF OTT streams in their recordings for improved analysis capabilities or recorded errors. Also, recording of encrypted content before and after the decryption is also now available.

Another new component from TAG is the increased ability to simultaneously error record channels from 10 to 32.

“OTT monitoring and error event recording has quickly become a priority issue with our customers and so we’ve enhanced the  platform’s capabilities and capacity to help provide information easily for an effective post-mortem analysis,” explained Pinky Maron, vice president, Professional Services. “We’ve made it possible for operators to manually record and detect errors that fly under the radar, and because there are now so many different formats with multiple profiles, we’ve added robust support for recording supplemental data to ease the analysis process. OTT applications come with their own set of challenges, but we’ve listened to our customers, and provided tools that aid the successful delivery of their content.”

For more information, visit www.tagvs.com.