Switronix releases Torch LED Bolt

Switronix has announced the release of the TorchLED BOLT(part # TL-BT200), the newest addition to Switronix's line of versatile Torch LED lights.

Striking with the ability to change between variable color temperature outputs of 5600K and 3200K, the TorchLED BOLT outshines the competition. The TorchLED Bolt allows users to switch between 3200K and 5600K with the touch of two On Board Dimming controls (5 percent to 100 percent), with no noticeable shift in color. The TorchLED Bolt gives a genuine 200W light output (7300lux at 2ft, and 3800lux at 1m), with the brightness and throw (40ft to 50ft) of an actual Halogen light in LED form. For event vidoegraphers, DLSR video production and more, The TorchLED Bolt serves as not only an on-camera lighting solution but can be positioned on a light stand for use as "sun gun.”

With its superior brightness, the TL-Bolt can be used outdoors where fill lighting is needed. With the convenient on/off switch, it has the ability to maintain light settings even when powering off the unit. For powering options, the TorchLED BOLT comes included with a Powertap Cable for DC Powering off of a standard 14.4v brick battery, as well as a built in Sony L-series battery sled. The TL-Bolt also comes with a carrying case, a snap on filter holder, one Diffusion Gel and for on-camera mounting capabilities a 1/4-20 swivel Hot Shoe Mount.