Swiss Public Broadcaster develops nationwide CDN with Net Insight

Net Insight, a developer of scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, has been selected by public broadcaster SRG SSR to support a nationwide network for all publicly owned radio and video-related services in Switzerland that will be fully operational in Q2 2011.

SRG SSR has installed Net Insight’s Nimbra platform to build a nationwide contribution network and parts of the Swiss distribution services. Cablecom is the prime contractor and is the largest cable network operator in Switzerland providing its customers with services for cable television, broadband Internet access and landline as well as mobile network telephony.

The Nimbra platform provides SRG SSR with a high quality of service, control of all video, audio and data services, nationwide, over a single platform. The network can now transport video and audio services in compressed and uncompressed formats together with Nimbra’s unique multicast and unicast functionality. The media network will also be fully integrated with legacy interfaces that allow the operator to realize operational savings and utilize investments already made.