Studer to Highlight Vista Software Update at 2015 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS - At the 2015 NAB Show, Harman’s Studer will highlight its 5.2 software release, which adds many new features and capabilities to Studer Vista X, Vista V, Vista 1 and Vista 5 M3 digital consoles.

With this release, up to four Soundcraft Realtime Racks—loaded with high-quality Universal Audio (UAD) plug-ins—can now be connected to every Vista system. All plug-in parameters are saved and recalled by CUE events, which can be enabled, disabled and updated any time.

Vista V

Pressing the contribution button of any bus channel in the control bay will line up all channels in the predefined Spill Zone that are contributing to this bus and allow full processing parameter access to these channels.

Vista FX quality reverb is now available for Vista X and Vista V running on Infinity Cores. Up to six Lexicon PCM96 surround reverb units -- in pairs of two -- can be connected over AES/EBU. The GUI’s new Ribbon Bar gives users a better overview and easier access. With the Infinity Core’s power, a high-volume of channels can be organized and controlled.

The stereo and 5.1 input channels now offer individual digital input gain parameters for each channel leg. Channels contributing to any bus can be brought up within a user-definable Spill Zone on the desk’s active fader layer. In the stereo channels, all contribution paths to mono aux busses now have a pan control before the mix-down to mono, which sends a user-defined mix of the stereo channel to the mono aux bus.

The 2015 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 11-16. Studer by Harman will be in booth C2851. For more information, visit

Claudia Kienzle