Studer debuts OnAir 2500 Modulo variant

Harman’s broadcast console unit, Studer, has introduced a new modular version of its OnAir 2500 broadcast console. The new model, the OnAir 2500 Modulo, has separate modules for fader bays and master section along with a rack-mountable mainframe that houses the power supply and host processing. These modules can be recessed into a desktop for a clean installation with all cables integrated within studio furniture and the mainframe hidden.

The OnAir 2500 digital, all-in-one broadcast console uses well-established software technology derived from the OnAir 3000 console to deliver greater usability. The fader strips include a graphical OLED screen, which contains a channel label, level and gain reduction meter, and parameter readouts adjustable via a rotary encoder and two pushbuttons below the display.

The large TFT touch screen uses Studer’s Touch’n’Action system to make operation of the console easier. The touch screen can also display all the relevant settings and configurations for each channel with a simple touch of eight small pushbuttons, so equalizer, dynamics, aux send, etc., immediately open the corresponding page on the main screen for quick adjustment.

The most important functions are just one finger stroke away, accessible virtually instantly — vital in a live on-air situation. The user interface is designed in the similar symbolic language as the Studer Vistonics system without the use of multilevel menus.

The OnAir 2500 Series provides the user with a large number of inputs and outputs in many standard signal formats, and the internal audio system also offers interfaces to digital multichannel formats such as MADI, ADAT and IEEE 1394 FireWire. The OnAir 2500 can also support I/O sharing via Studer’s networked RELINK, allowing the OnAir 2500 to share audio signals with other Studer consoles including the OnAir 3000 and Studer Vista Series.

Three fixed-frame configurations with 12, 18 and 24 faders are also available, both variants having motorized channel faders available as an option.