Stagetec introduces compact digital broadcast mixer

At the recent Tonmeistertagung trade show in Germany, Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup presented the prototype of a new compact digital mixing console designed specifically for radio and TV broadcasting control. The mixer, which has not been named yet, exhibits the same distinctive appearance of Stagetec’s Aurus console, and shares it dual encoders and arc indicators.

The console has a modular control surface design, offering eight to 24 faders, but with a fixed layout that includes 32 input channels, eight groups, eight sums, eight aux paths and eight mix-minus sums. The new desk is designed for immediate deployment, clarity of function and fast access, including easy routing to the mix-minus buses directly from the channel strip. For fast, accurate indication of settings, numerous miniature TFT displays are integrated into the master section, each dedicated to a specific function: the equalizer or a dynamic function on the chosen channel strip, the selected layer, the routing or the aux settings. A snapshot memory simplifies controlling the workflow in broadcasting environments and also allows for stepping through snapshots.

Like all Stagetec consoles, the new compact mixer uses Nexus as an I/O and routing unit. In addition, it incorporates external remote controllability and allows for mixing down to stereo and surround formats. The company announced that the new console would be available as desktop and rack-mount versions. Germany’s WDR regional radio and TV stations have pre-ordered 24 units of the unnamed compact mixer, which is expected to be shipped in the second half of 2007.

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