Spanish news agency relies on SAPEC encoders, decoders to link sites via IP

SAPEC has supplied video encoders and decoders that will link the EFE news agency headquarters in Madrid with its bureaus throughout Spain over an IP network. SAPEC previously had supplied equipment to link the EFE news agency headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona via IP.

For the link, the news agency is using SIVAC 1000 family encoders and decoders from SAPEC. The SIVAC 1210-I4A units being used are MPEG-2 encoders/decoders with SDI video input, four embedded or analog audio inputs, 4:2:2P@ML and MP@ML compression profiles and IP output interface.

The units include a new IP interface with tools for error protection (FEC). They allow transmission to two destinations (unicast or multicast) independently with different FEC configurations. They can also receive and transmit a transport stream inserting FEC (loop mode).

The SIVAC 1210-I4A also includes FastIPsync technology, which eliminates transmission and reception jitter and reduces encoding and decoding delay to about 140ms.