Solid State Logic shows XLogic I/O card at AES

Solid State Logic introduced its XLogic MX4 PCIe audio I/O and processing card and DSP-powered software mixer at AES in New York City last week.

The XLogic MX4 audio I/O and processing card is designed for desktop PC computers. It delivers high-quality performance to demanding “inside the box” users through a 128-channel MADI digital audio interface, a multiclient software mixer and DSP-powered processing plug-ins.

The 128-channel MADI I/O can be combined with the company’s Alpha-Link audio format converters, connected directly to suitably equipped consoles, or integrated with broadcast routers to deliver a high channel count alongside uncompromising audio quality.

The XLogic Alpha-Link Audio I/O range is a family of multichannel audio converters for studio, live and broadcast applications. Each model features 24-channel AD/DA converter circuitry. All Alpha-Link units can be used as stand-alone format converters. However, in combination with a MADI Xtreme, they provide an I/O solution for native PC-based audio workstations.

Available models include XLogic Alpha-Link MADI SX for professional level MADI to AES/EBU with A/D and D/A converters and the XLogic Alpha-Link MADI AX for professional level MADI to ADAT with A/D and D/A converters. Each MADI unit offers up to 64 MADI inputs and outputs.